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Electric EZGO Electric EZ GO Marathon, Medalist, TXT and RXV. Electric EZ GO Marathon, Medalist, TXT and RXV.Feb 11, 2014 · From there, page 28: "1 Green and 6 Red LED Flash = Pre-charge Failure". Since it seems that precharge for this controller means "Keep the circuit always powered" it could either be your resistor being burned off or the caps in the controller blew. Easiest is probably to contact Alltrax and ask them for advice.

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The AXE product line is used with Series Wound and Brushed Perm-Magnet Motors. These units drive golf cars, scissors lifts, boom trucks, Neighborhood electric vehicles, and a variety of other applications. Features include: Programmable via RS232 comm port using PC or Laptop. Integrated anodized heat-sink with multi bolt pattern for flexibility.Alltrax Kits Alltrax AC/AC Kits Alltrax DC/AC Kits Other DC/DC Kits Upgrade Controllers ... Zapi Controller Fault Codes . Zapi FC1001 & FC2125 Codes. Zapi FC2086 Codes. Zapi FC2125 Codes. Zapi FS2110 & 2042 Codes. Zapi FZ5017 & 5018 Codes. Zapi H2 Pump Controller Codes.600 amp alltrax error codes Electric EZGO. Electric EZGO Electric EZ GO Marathon, Medalist, TXT and RXV.In Stock. Product Description. Alltrax Bluetooth Modules for XCT Motor Controllers. The user can download a free version of ALLTRAX TOOLKIT APP from Google App Play Store for Android (4.2 or newer) and I-Phone IOS#TBD. You must update the controller software to V3.9. Bluetooth Flyer. ABT-Flyer-A.pdf. Bluetooth DWG Asy Bluetooth and System Wires.New ALLTRAX XTC 48500 PDS controller Error code Electric EZGOPage 29 BLINK CODES On power up, the controller will blink out a throttle code and then a Status or Error Code (see below) Throttle Type Codes: 1 Green LED Flash 2-wire 0-5k throttle 2 Green LED Flash 2-wire 5K-0 throttle 3 Green LED Flash 0-5V throttle 4 Green LED Flash EZGO ITS throttle...How to program Alltrax XCT controller. Alltrax XCT 500 settings. RXV Curtis settings. First, you need to test the power. Connect the negative probe to the M terminal and the positive probe to the B+ terminal. Make use of the accelerator to check the controller. Press the accelerator to see the voltage increase.from Alltrax and it is not necessary to re-program unless the customer has specific needs. If the controller does need to be programmed it can be done via a USB A to B cable and the Alltrax Toolkit program. Visit our website for more information on programming the controller including the Alltrax Toolkit Manual (DOC113-002) and instructional ...Page 1 Solid Green: Controller ready to run Mini-Manual Alltrax reserves the right to repair or replace merchandise at its option at Solid Red: Controller in programming mode no cost to the customer, except for shipping costs of sending the defect... Page 2 E-Z-Go Diagram Motor Controller NPX4834 & NPX4844 for 1994 and Alltrax, Inc.pairs, improper installation, submersion, alterations or use contrary to. any instructions provided by Alltrax in verbal or written form. In the event you should need warranty repair, contact Alltrax at (541) 476-3565 to receive warranty service authorization instructions for. returning the defective product to Alltrax for evaluation.Controllers Suggested types: SW180 W&R 586 (Shown) Heavy Duty 200 aMp (800A Inrush) Use with 300A to 500A Controllers Suggested types: MZJ200 (Shown) Heavy Duty 400 aMp (1000A Inrush) Use with 500A Controllers Suggested types: SW200 MZJ400 (Shown) HeaVy DuTyThe A1 wire needs to go to the B+ terminal on controller, not on the solenoid. Had this problem get me once. Never got a solid answer why it would cause a problem, since it was the other end of the same cable, but swapping it solved the problem.Above 16 volts, the controller MAY be faulty. Separate the (6) six pin connector (only 4 are used) between the pedal box and the controller. If the voltage goes to 14-16 volts, the sensor is faulty. If the voltage remains below 14 or above 16 volts, the controller is faulty. RECONNECT the (6) six pin connector.Product Description. Alltrax XCT-48500 YDRE Motor Controller For Yamaha Drive G29 Golf Carts. This is Alltrax's newest line of regen (shunt wound) separately excited motor controllers. It offers many advantages over their older DCX line. Note: The YDREX is using the same controller as the YDRE in the DC motor carts.The throttle code blinks on controller power up and alarm codes blink when the alarm happens. All alarms are self clearing so when the alarm event is over, the controller resumes normal operation, except for the Short Circuit alarm that needs a power off cycle to clear the alarm. throttle codes: 1 Green LED Flash = 0-5k throttle1111 Cheney Creek Rd Grants Pass, OR. 97527 Phone: 5414763565 Fax: 5414763566., 1212010. A n E n g i n e e r e d S o l u t i o n.I have an Alltrax SPM 72400 and was having troubles with it. All I get is a single blinking green LED light. The single blink indicates a 0-5k throttle. I tried to clear and reset the throttle but the controller LED …This kit replaces the Factory OEM controller with a massive performance upgrade. Simple to install and infinitely customizable, this controller is a must for your EZGo RXV Curtis golf cart. Includes a FN-Key Box. Key Features: Hi-Performance 32bit CPU. Throttle control for smooth operation compatible for most types if vehicle throttle.Voltage: * 36 Volt 48 Volt. Optional Solenoid: * None 400 Amp Main Solenoid w/ Diode & Resistor - $122. Add to Wish List. SKU: CON-SR48600-EZGo. Availability: In Stock. Product Description. Alltrax SR-48600 Motor Controller.Join Date: May 2015. Location: Central Florida. Posts: 2,114. Re: sevcon controller flashing trouble code. Code 3 right? Most of the time that is a controller issue. Ive seen a motor issue throw the same code. I don't think a altrax can be put in, but Ill admit ive never looked to see if they make one. 10-29-2016, 04:12 AM.Trouble Shooting. Error code display:# of RED blinks. indicates any error conditions that might. exist: 1 Red = Throttle Position Sensor Over. Range. Check for open wires. 2 Red …01-23-2022, 10:14 AM. # 1. dirtmann63. Not Yet Wild. Join Date: Jan 2022. Posts: 5. Bad Boy Buggy Controller Codes. I have a Bad Boy Buggy Classic that I recently bought. It has a green box with FSIP on the back w/ a silver box sitting on top with the following: 10-000523; BBB Classic; Field Retrofit Controller.A Detroit Diesel fault code indicates a specific problem with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. The fault code is displayed when the “check engine” light is activated on a truck p...Programming the Controller. 28. Blink Codes. 29. Warranty Statement. 31. Advertisement. Alltrax SR48500 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alltrax SR48500 Operator's Manual.

Alltrax Inc PO Box 510 Murphy, OR 97533 Phone: 541-476-3565 Send requests and comments to: [email protected]Alltrax Bad Boy Buggie 4WD Controller Kit. Introducing an advanced motor controller designed for today's demanding markets, featuring a thermal plastic enclosure made of ABS, 48-volt controllers, 500-amp controllers, a wire harness adaptor compatible with XT, XTO, XT Classic, BB2, and AMS4, flexible USB programming, solenoid control output for "Main DC Contactor Control," a mount included for ...View and Download Alltrax AC1 operator's manual online. AC1 controller pdf manual download. Also for: Txt48, Pds, Dcs.General Troubleshooting. Check for pack voltage on pins 6, 9 & 10 when the cart is in Run and the key switch is in the On position. High Pedal disable alarm. Throttle out of range, replace throttle or recalibrate throttle for 0 output. LED blinks 6 times red on controller power up.

1/22/2009 11:56:00 AM Doc120-017-D_OP-Controller-Pro.doc 9 of 22 ALLTRAX Inc. 1111 Cheney Creek Road Grants Pass, OR 97527 Voice: 541.476.3565 Fax: 541.476.3566 9. Upgrading Controller Software A majority of the Alltrax motor controllers also have the ability to be re-programmed with upgraded software.Re: Alltrax fault code 5 The controller is capable to push the motor to higher RPM's and if the bearing was bad, then this could be the cause of all that. When putting this controllers on 4+ fleet carts, always replace motor bearing and check brushes and replace if the are under 50% of their life.Step 02: Connecting the Adapter Cable. Connecting the Alltrax Toolkit and SPM/XCT/SR controllers to a computer is as easy as plugging in a USB cable! Simply connect one end of the USB A male (computer side) to the USB B female (controller side) adapter cable to your computer and the other end to your controller to begin programming.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Also getting failed to load settings when I try to load the field m. Possible cause: Alltrax stepped up and designed a NEW product with a NEW warranty, the NCX Non-Programmabl.

Re: Alltrax xct 400 pds blink codes They were disconnected but I then turned the controller on to test. I just tested them with it off and no continuity from F to A.Programming the Controller. 28. Blink Codes. 29. Warranty Statement. 31. Advertisement. Alltrax SR48500 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alltrax SR48500 Operator's Manual.From the Alltrax web site: Note 2: Low Throttle range is the pedal “at rest OFF pedal position” The throttle could be faulty Wiring/connectors

Alltrax Inc PO Box 510 Murphy, OR 97533 Phone: 541-476-3565 Send requests and comments to: [email protected]Controller is the alltrax sr48300. I bought kit from Scottyb. Last weekend I was driving at the lake a bIt then parked it. Came back about 30 mins later and nothing. ... Xct400 fault code- motor feild failure? Electric Club Car: pre charge fault code on 98 Nev: Electric Club Car: All times are GMT -5. The time now is 08:06 PM.Alltrax Inc PO Box 510 Murphy, OR 97533 Phone: 541-476-3565 Send requests and comments to: [email protected]

The throttle code blinks on controller power Troubleshooting: At power up the controller will blink the LED green a number of times, which identifies the throttle configuration stored in the controller. If no error is detected, the LED will stay solid green after the throttle pattern is displayed. Pack is at 48-49v -I have not charged it since returned home, plan charging with tow/run switch on ? Electric C Re: New 36v alltrax SR controller problem. If the solenoid is not clicking you may have a bad pedal micro switch. Looks like the controller is okay - they have reverse polarity protection. 04-23-2017, 06:29 PM. # 4. jake22 vbmenu_register ("postmenu_1376992", true); Not Yet Wild. Electric EZGO Electric EZ GO Marathon, Medalist, 2016 EZ-GO RXV Parking Brake Question Electric EZGO. Buggies Gone Wild Golf Cart Forum > Golf Cart Repair and Troubleshooting > Electric EZGO: 1996 txt series alltrax npx 2 red lights fault codeDC motor controller for series and permanent magnet motors. ABS + PC510 flame resistant thermal plastic enclosure. All copper heat sinks. Sealed epoxy UL-94-VO / 5VA flame rating (best in industry) Adjustable undervoltage cutback 8-30 VDC. Adjustable overvoltage shutdown 30-60 VDC. Operating Frequency: 18k Hz. Alltrax code 2 red flashes? Electric EZGO. ElectrGroup 2: 2-Green + Red alarm code is a condition that may inhibit or cAlltrax DCX400 Troubleshoot ??? I have an Alltrax DCX400PDS control An Advanced Motor Controller for Today's Demanding Markets. Thermal plastic enclosure ABS; 48 Volt Controllers; 500 amp Controllers; Wire Harness adaptor to fit XT, XTO, XT Classic, BB2, and AMS4 ... Alltrax Inc PO Box 510 Murphy, OR 97533 Phone: 541-476-3565 Send requests and comments to: [email protected] Subscribe to Our Mailing List ...Curtis Controller Fault Code Translator Full List Of Faults For Motor Controller Model 1268. Code Fault Cause; 11: Hardware Failsafe : 1. Controller defective: 12: Throttle 1: 1. Throttle input wire open. 2. Throttle input wire shorted to B+ or B-. 3. Throttle pot defective : 13: Speed Sensor: 1. Speed sensor not connected. Club wiring car solenoid diagram volt 48 2002 iq cart wire model Alltrax DCX400 Troubleshoot ??? I have an Alltrax DCX400PDS controller whereby the LED Green light does not turn off when the key is switched off. I have verified that the wiring is correct, etc. WIth the KS off and the Run/Maintenance switch in run the light gives 4 green flashes (ITS input) and then goes to a steady green with the key off or on. If you are involved in an accident deemed to be your f[current control, responds in less than 50 microsCurtis F-Series Controller Troubleshooting Thunderstruck Engine Overspeed. Engine overspeed "is indicated by fault code FC_6 and six blinks on the LED indicator. This feature protects devices connected to the transfer switch by shutting the generator down if the engine happens to run faster than the preset limit. The overspeed fault is detected as follows: if the generator output frequency is 65-70 ...